About Us

The domain of news content in line with technology has always brought us a lot of fascination, so much that we decided to take up the quest to always intriguing updates and the joy of creating a community around our passion.

Unlike the other players on the same playing field, all our bulletins have always been the first versions of the news that the thousands of uniques visits from our followers can’t get their fill of. The founders of the platform, entrepreneurs and content writers themselves, were driven by the shortage of original technical news and other content the sort you read on this platform.

Building such a platform and keeping it afloat should never be mistaken to be an accomplishment easily achieved by a company, we have more than enough to thank for in the readers themselves, through whom our growth has been possible.

Since taking up the task of delivering the latest technology news, we have been publishing the most engaging and original content. Other news websites have been known to follow in our footsteps, taking on our investigated news and developing their own stories, we still uphold the original intent of being number 1 at letting known the best news in technology.