A Look Back At The Three Top Restaurants In Stockbridge GA


We have been in Stockbridge GA a few times in past articles looking at restaurants, and now is a good time to go back. These virtual visits are fun, aren’t they? I want to go back to the top three establishments in Stockbridge. Have they changed? Those rankings can change from time to time so you never know. Have you stayed in or passed through Stockbridge before? Perhaps you live there, in which case you will likely be familiar with these three top establishments in Stockbridge, Georgia.

The Italian restaurant Pasta Max is the number one establishment in the city. Have you had a hankering for some of the best Italian pastas in the area? Maybe you would like to try the stuffed eggplant. Aside from the food, customer reviews point to great wine and great service. I always say you can usually count on the ambiance of a good Italian restaurant, too.

The second ranked restaurant in Stockbridge is Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill. If you hear that this place serves up empanada samplers, are you willing to try it out? The Cuban sandwiches must be authentic and delicious because one reviewer claims it was the best ever. To add to the empanada description, how about strawberry and cream cheese?

The third ranked restaurant in Stockbridge is Truett’s Grill. I remember reviewing this restaurant before. Now, one of its signature menu items I’m not such a fan of, but it sure looks like many people are. It is their sweet potato casserole. Its got a soul food menu though, which sounds quite tasty. I would have to go to the Cuban restaurant first because I would figure that they have the most unique menu. However, it would be hard not to order the Cuban sandwich the first time, don’t you agree?